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Thank you Judy Meinhold for lending me a copy of Greg Palast’s book, The Best Democracy Money Can Buy, which became the cornerstone for Golden Rule or $Greedy Rule$.
I appreciate the many hours that Derek Sterling Hawkins, my son, spent using his English-teacher wisdom in copyediting the entire book, giving me a very detailed report, and critiquing my query letter and proposal. My daughter, Andrea Pauline Hawkins, also gave me valuable feedback.
Thank you to Bill Moyer of BackboneCampaign.org and to friend Rick Tope (www.cankercure.info) for their contributions to the book material.
I am grateful to Dr. Doug Ross and Dr. Harold Shinitzky, both psychologists, and to Dr. Thomas Brodie, retired educator, for their testimonials.
I am indebted to Mel Lipman, Esq,, immediate past president of American Humanist Association, for his in-depth, interpretive testimonial.
Larry Wilkes, my high-school and current buddy and fellow enlistee into the U.S. Air Force, after his thorough critique of the Introduction, said, “I was sorry that I finished reading the Introduction because I wanted to read more, but there was no more.”
A special thanks goes to Jean Airey who helped me tremendously in formatting the book and gave invaluable criticisms and suggestions about the content.
Deep appreciation goes to Ginger Edwards, my word-processing teacher and guru, who bailed me out of several formatting crises.
Thank you to Sandy Hanson for her allowing me to use the expression, Bush’s Iraqtile Dysfunction.
I am grateful to Laura Hansen for her encouragement, suggestions, and our many discussions about Golden Rule.
Thank you to Chris Davies, author of Divided by a Common Language: A Guide to British and American English, for his encouraging words, advice, and invaluable help in formatting.
Thank you to Marilyn Mayblum for her critique of my query letter.
Sheila Robin, after reading the Introduction, said, “It sounds like you are talking with me.”
Marianna Millen, after reading the Preface, really boosted my spirits with her enthusiastic compliments and her anxiousness to see the printed book.

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